My dog, Shango sits at my feet, my bestest bud, Selena Illyria, is on the phone with me. This is not a new occurence. *grins* This is how I plan out what’s coming up for my next couple of weeks. I’ve been plotting and planning some things– including what I’m going to write next.

I’m finishing up Pirate Queen– and I’m happy. I am. It’ll need some deepening, I think, but overall, I love it. The story sings, which is what I wanted. So, onward I go!

Then will be the next P3 project. That one is plotted and only needs to be written. The first couple of chapters are done– so I’ve got a base to work with! Go me!

Selena tells me we’re going to do some promotion at Love Romances Cafe. This is a good thing. I’ll get dates and let you all know. She also tells me I’m part of a top secret project for this fall. *blinks* So top secret, I didn’t know til now. Okay…..

The next Marauder book is being formatted and getting a cover. *does happy dance* Then it can be released. The fourth book is being written as well. This is a good thing. Yay!

See, planning of a sort does help me. It’s not much, but it’s more than I’ve done in a while. Now I’m exhausted. But you’ve got an update. Whoo hoo!