What’s happening to make this day a wild day? I’m home….well sorta. Actually the male in my life moved closer to me, so I’ve been at his place since Sunday getting things unpacked, making my lupus act up, and taking care of him. Like a dummy, I forgot to bring my laptop with me so I could have access to all my necessary things– like email, stories to edit, etc. But on the plus side– today he’s at work, I’m here at the house listening to damn good music, setting up his computer (he’s SUCH an end user it makes me cringe!), making a homemade baked penne with chicken, and generally trying to put things away for him. I’ve got some stuff done for him, that I KNOW he’s going to change once he gets going, because he’s like me…. OCS. It makes for interesting moments. LMAO

But what really makes this day wild is– I can feel it. The difference. I’ve been really sick. So much that I spent part of Friday in the hospital and Saturday I spent sleeping away. No joke. But since the news on the medical front reminded me that I can’t just ignore things anymore–I’ve got to make my appointments and get my health together. But there’s a new difference in me. A peace I’ve not had in a long long time.

If I’m honest– it’s partly the male. He makes me enjoy life more. He’s held me and called me by those lovely sweet appelations that people call each other when you’re comfortable with each other. The first time he called me honey, I thought he was slipping his brain. The third time, I grinned. He is feeling more comfortable with our relationship, just as I am. What’s tough, we’re both used to being alone, so this is a new territory for us both. But I’m happier than I’ve been in a very very long time. He accepts my limitations, though I have a hard time with them. But I realized today just how much this peace means to me. I still need to call the docs and make the appointments, but on the plus side– I can honestly say–it’s really wild when you can feel your body accept peace…and to know that your getting better.

Hell, I discovered that my creative side is getting a boost. I’ve been offline for a few days and honestly– while needed, it helped me to get the mental portion in gear. I’m hoping this means that with time– I’ll get revisions done, get some new stuff out there, and be happier in my professional writer capacity. I’m also very very thankful for Phoenix Foster and PRP(Phoenix Rising Promotions) for taking care of things for me. Gods, they rock! In fact, because of them, I can remember to do things more BECAUSE they make sure to remind me to do something every day. How cool is that for a promotion team?!

Maybe later I’ll give you a sneak peek at something that’s been nagging at me. Actually the MALE has nagged at me to write up this story idea he and I put together. (Long story involved in HOW that story got started…but it was VERY FUN!) So, it’s been mulling enough to get a scene out of me. LOL