• Things are getting back to normal. It's definitely not easy, but soon I'll have my own office to write in at the house! WHOOO HOOO! #
  • I'm so happy, I got a lot done in 2 weeks of Fast Draft. I'm also writing regularly. Can we hear it for Candy Havens? YAY for her workshop! #
  • Okay, I'm trying two applications for Twitter and Facebook. We'll see which one I like best. #
  • @laceysavage I'll be doing workshops for CoffeeTime Romance this summer and fall. The Fall one is about BDSM in romance novels. #
  • @laceysavage Fast Draft is a workshop that Candy Havens does. For 2 weeks, you write every day and you try to do 20 pages a day #
  • It's fantastic. For two weeks, you and friends have a challenge. Outdo your normal writing output. For me, it was doing at least 1k a day. #
  • It's only for 2 weeks, and for those two weeks, no editing, no going back, just write write write. Candy's workshop opened me up to write #
  • @Kristen_Painter CONGRATS! Fantastic News! WHOOO HOOOO!!! #

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