I’m on vacation this week. More importantly, I’m working on my writing. That’s important to me and something that’s been lacking for a while. This is day 3 of my vacation and the first day I spent just hanging out and doing fun things while packing to take myself to the male’s house. Yes, I’m spending my week with my male. It’s good for me, and for him. (Though he might deny it. LMAO)

What’s interesting is that yesterday, my first real day of writing– I finished a story that I’ve been having trouble. It’s done, it’s over double it’s original length and more importantly– I love the story again. I had always felt I had short-changed it. Now it’s done. And I’m waiting to hear back about it. LMAO Life is good. I’m getting back into the submission process too.

This week, Liz Viehl, the Paperback Writer, is hosting Left Behind and Loving It Workshops for those who aren’t attending RWA National. Honestly, I’m enjoying it more than I should. (I’ve got writing deadlines!) And it’s reminded me of my own blogging regimen I need to get back into.

Yesterday I was supposed to blog about Paganism…and in fact, I’m gearing up for Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh. I’m preparing a meal feast for my male, my nephew, and myself. What will be fun is that it’s one of those holidays for me as a Pagan that helps give thanks to things that I don’t get to spend much time with– the outdoors. Due to allergies and other lovely pathogens in the environment, I have to play with the outdoors carefully. But I can cook and I can celebrate in my own special way. And that we’ll talk about later once I’m done with my 2k for the day. LMAO I’m about 1k in and need another 1k to be happy.

There’s something about completing a long term project that just makes you feel so good. For me, it’s a sweet taste that I’m savouring because it’s been a long time coming.