22160-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Yellow-Emoticon-Face-Wearing-A-Party-Hat-And-Blowing-On-A-Noise-Maker-At-A-PartyRight now, I’ve gone through my first week in transition at my day job and learned I will never learn it all. More importantly, I learned being sick my last week of training is not recommended. My male got sick after– not good. Then having the holiday ruined more writing time because the male was sick, his mom was here and just things got away because my sickness wasn’t completely gone. (more…)

So, I’ve been dealing with a small yet potent problem- my giant computer screen and my HD tv have been giving me motion sickness. I see a specialist in about 2 weeks. So in the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep things to a minimum on both, which doesn’t always bode well when I want to watch a cool movie with the male in my life. *sigh* But it also means me and my pda have been making friends again– especially after the slight problem with the fact that Palm does NOT have drivers for Windows 7 yet for my Tungsten E2. *growls* But when Cyn realized– “Hey, I have like a card reader built in”, I managed to do a bit of finagling around that problem. LOL (more…)

I had a scare on Friday. Couldn’t breathe and I was having chest pain. Ended up at the emergency room via ambulance. (Can we say, very afraid?) The end result– I’m legitimately allergic to whatever is going on at work. The air vents aren’t cleaned regularly, there has been drilling and more at the building (which is old and filled with asbestos) and finally, my lupus collided with it. So, I’ve got a major upper respiratory infection, my asthma is kicking and I tried to go back today to experience the elephant on my chest syndrome. So, home I went and now I’m resting better, but I’ll be on my meds non-stop until I return to work on Wednesday. Hopefully that will be better. *sigh*