Sometimes it’s hard to know what to write and how to write when you have limited time. So, you try your best to do what you can. But that can lead to problems. Sometimes you forget what you planned to do. Other times it can lead to subplots that go nowhere. So how can you write your story without losing the thread of the main plot? How can you write your story without plotting it to death? That is the question I’ve had to ask myself while writing not one but two short stories. I’ve finished one, but I have a second one to finish before I edit them both. (more…)

I’m having new adventures in writing. I am! How? When I was diagnosed with ADD after my breakdown, I discovered I had to relearn all the things I had been able to do before– like sitting and writing for long stretches at a time, reading for long periods, even focusing minutely without letting other outside noises interfere. This hasn’t be easy, especially since I’ve always been able to do it before– so why not now? Yeah– sometimes the blondeness shows!  (more…)

What are the basic components of a good story?

Many authors and writers have different ideas on this. I make reference to Vogler’s The Character’s Journey and Morgan Hawke’s Cheater’s Guide to Erotic Romance Novellas.

Depending on if you’re writing a one or two main character story, that will decide how long and what kind of components you’ll have. (more…)