Today’s topic came about because of a short story I wrote on a push from a fellow author and friend. Once I thought on it and the story I created, the more I realized that in some ways, we’ve come so far being open sexual creatures, in others, we’ve not come far enough. Today– we’re going to talk about pleasuring your female lover. 

This is going to take two articles in order to cover everything. I hadn’t thought so, but once I started writing it, I realized I’ll be violating the Female Union and exposing secrets and deepest desires that most women don’t want anyone else to know about. So bear with me as we explore this topic in detail. 

Female pleasure- it’s all about her and her needs. We’ll talk about male pleasure another time- trust me, I doubt my readers will let me forget. The reason for today’s lesson is because of the need for us to all feel connected, loved, and sexually satisfied, even if there isn’t sexual intercourse involved. (more…)