I’m celebrating my release of Mark of the Blood that’s up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and ARe! This month is one of my favourite, especially being pagan and because of my love for all things Halloween! I started this story because of my love for a specific song by the group, Queen. For years, I’ve had this vignette of an idea in my head– but I never had the full story. Then when my friend, Dawn Montgomery challenged me to write for a call for submission– I got the full storyline. Though I missed the deadline– I”m going to finish the story and submit it anyway. So I figured I’d share a snippet of the story with you all. Be warned– it’s not for the faint of heart or for anyone who doesn’t like BDSM and other hot, erotic paranormal things. 


Excerpt: (Unedited, Uncontracted, but wholly owned and copywrited by Cynnara Tregarth)

Nya Forrester walked proudly into the exclusive BDSM club, knowing her special witchy powers were on full alert. Tonight’s assignment was simple, easy and would payout handsomely to herself and to Hecate’s Temple. Her crimson red leather boots clicked along the black tiled floor as she made her way towards the back rooms. Many people nodded at her or called to her, Nya responded in kind, acknowledging many of her equals, ignoring those she didn’t want to deal with at the moment. Her focus was gearing on one thing only- the person waiting for her in the Atonement Room.

Once at the door, she nodded to the assigned watcher. “Jared, how nice to see you this evening.”

“Mistress Nya. How beautiful you look in the crimson leather, if I say so myself.” Jared took her proffered hand, kissing it. “The two men you requested are inside, both prepped by your usual girls. Sir Aaron is tied on the St. Andrews Cross while Knight Miguel is on the prayer horse awaiting your arrival.”

Nya kissed Jared’s cheek in thanks. “You are fantastic. I really like this outfit, Jared. I think this is your best work yet. Contact my assistant tomorrow about ordering another two outfits in purple and in a darker blue. Similar styling though. I praise your work continuously throughout the BDSM community and in the witching world, you know.”

“I  appreciate it, it’s done wonders for my business. But enough of small talk. It’s time for you to enjoy yourself.” Jared gestured to the door, his brown eyes smiling. “This is pleasure for you tonight, right?”

“Upon the moon and the stars, it’s pleasure enough,” Nya remarked, then opened the door to the Atonement Room. “I’ll speak to you on the morrow, Jared.”

“Sounds great. If you need me, just speak your safe word, I’ll come in and help you.”

“Will do.” Nya stepped through the entranceway, allowing her mind to center on what was before her. Two men, naked and splayed out, both oiled and with butt plugs waited patiently for her, their mistress to administer both pleasure and pain to them. But only one of them would suffer more than that. Only one of them was a contracted hit that was also blessed by Hecate herself. Nya strode confidently between the two men and smiled. “My boys, my beautiful boys, look at you waiting so patiently for me.” She raked her nails down their backs, gouging them only slightly as she whispered the first spell, releasing the agent that would seep into the bloodstream. “Does that hurt, Aaron?”

“No, Mistress. It feels so good when you touch me,” the taller man moaned, his body arching towards her.

“And you, my lovely Miguel? How does it feel when I scrape my nails down your body?” Nya raked him again, this time across his shoulders as he flinched.

“It hurts, but with the pain comes deep pleasure, as you know, Mistress,” he whispered as shudders hit him from top to bottom. “As you would please, Mistress, as you would please.”

Nya stroked Miguel’s back, this time in a soothing motion, allowing him to relax against her palm. She called upon the elements, cooling her hand slightly to chill his back slightly to help lessen the pain and encourage recovery. “Everything I do is for pleasure for you and for myself, Miguel. Do not forget that.” She leaned down, brushing her ass against Aaron’s butt plug, causing the man to moan. Nya smiled evilly as she grasped Miguel’s with her free hand. “But I can see perhaps you need to feel a bit more.” Slowly, she slid the plug out until it was almost out, then pushed it back in, repeating the movement with slightly increasing force, knowing that it would stir Miguel’s libido further. Not leaving out Aaron, Nya made sure to shift her body so she would rhythmically bump into Aaron’s butt plug, so it too would fuck him, over and over, pushing , increasing the pressure  and triggering the button that would widen the base of the plug. Aaron’s cries of pleasure joined Miguel’s as Nya mercilessly fucked Miguel’s ass, the second spell released, making sure that when one of them died, the causes would look natural. No spells would be tracked or traced anywhere within the room or within the bodies. Yes, Nya was that good; one of the best among Hecate’s Moon Walkers, the Assassins of the Night.