I realize I’m a bit behind on this week’s Mistress Cynnara, and I beg the indulgence. There are reasons, mostly physical, I couldn’t handle sitting in a chair for longer than fifteen minutes at a time, or standing for more than ten for the past two days, so I apologize for not getting today’s talk done on Thursday. 

Mistress Cynnara- You talk about sex and sexuality, but one thing I’ve not seen talk about is just great, uninhibited sex. No kink, just hot, erotic sex. Is that just out of style now? —- Curious in Cairo

Sex is a good thing, regardless of  how it’s done. But nowadays, we do hear a lot about kinky sex, BDSM, and other types of sex that seem to leave out old fashioned, hot “fuck me” sex. This doesn’t mean that it’s outdated neither does it mean that it’s defunct in our daily lives. What it does mean is that often times, we have incorporated other elements into our sex routine that we ignore that we still indulge in uninhibited sex. 

What is uninhibited sex? It’s that hot, skin against skin, kissing, touching, where the only thing you can think about is getting naked and fucking like rabbits. But even in the thrum of this non-thinking, only feeling sex, we can think a bit. We can enjoy it more fully, by integrating things we like within it. How can we get the most of uninhibited sexual play? 

By making sure everything we might want to use is within reach- condoms, lubrication, toys, and other items. The idea here is to create a fantasy “must have you” moment where nothing is held back. Who wants to stop in the middle of the fun because someone forgot the condoms? Not me. Consider the moment lost at that point. 

So, how can you be uninhibited but prepared? This goes again with what I’ve said at other times- preparations. You know what you like, you know what your lover enjoys. So, take the time beforehand- prepare the seduction room. Get the cds in the multi-holder and ready to play. Put the incense in its holder, with lighter nearby. Make sure all the play objects are near the bed or whatever you think you’ll end up on. The idea here is to take as much guesswork and time that would interrupt the moment by having it all within reach. 

Uninhibited does not mean Unplanned. It means allowing yourself to go with what is happening in that moment, not having to stop unless you need to readjust your body, her body, or where you’re at. The idea is that you let go, without having to worry about having everything in the right place. 

For me, uninhibited sex, means I don’t always have to control what’s happening. It’s a give and take time, where I get my desires fulfilled, I get aroused and in turn, so does he. We both get to have what we both want and it’s frantic, furious, and intensely satisfying. 

Remember, uninhibited sex is what you want it to be- as long as  you’re prepared for what might be wanted. If you’re not, then you might have to break the moment to find the things that are needed for you and your partner. So have some uninhibited sex- go get things ready and enjoy yourselves! 

Until next time, 

Mistress Cynnara