Today’s talk is simple- we’re going to talk about one particular type of sex toy. More importantly, we’re going to talk about it’s benefits for both sexes and the way to bring in a toy into a stable or even fun sexual relationship. 

My girlfriend has a secret lover- and it looks like a monster from outer space. She calls it her jack rabbit and personally, I’m thinking she might like it more than me. What is this thing that has her moaning in pleasure and can I compete with what it does?— Elmer Fudd in Frankfort

When you look at a rabbit styled vibrator, there isn’t one person who doesn’t wonder why anything that looks like a mutant cock would be one of the greatest sex toys for females ever. One of the questions I’ve heard asked is why is it called a rabbit vibrator. The best way to answer it is by first giving you a link to one of the traditional rabbit vibrators.

Take a look at the design. Notice how the clitorial stimulus is shaped like a rabbit? The reason for this is that the clitoris for women can be either exposed or hidden. Since the clitoral hood is also sensitive to stimulation, the ears on the rabbit help arouse the area both indirectly and directly- by use of that lovely nubby nose.  

Since clitoral stimulation is effective to bring about intense orgasms, women have flocked to this style of vibrator. More importantly,  what this does is allow the woman to have the best of both worlds- clitoral and vaginal orgasms. For a woman, that means it is almost as good as a man. Almost. Now if a man puts on a vibrating cock ring while having intercourse so it rubs on the clit- you have a man-rabbit. LOL I can almost hear the lightbulbs going off in many a male head right now. 

What more about the rabbit allows it to be enjoyed? Most rabbits have the ability to vibrate like a traditional vibrator internally. There are newer models that even thrust in sync with the vibration pattern, thus creating a rhythm that mimics the act of sex. 

What can guys do to get in on the fun and to not feel replaced? First- buy your lover a rabbit for those nights you’re watching sports or some show you just can’t miss. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness many a time and say so. Second- there are similar toys for males out there. They massage the perineum and excite the anal area for males. You can also learn to help your lover share in the toy by using it on her, talking her through her arousal, heightening it further for you both by being the one guiding it, allowing her to relax fully into the sensations provided. 

Remember that toys are used to enhance sexual experiences, not to take them over. It’s our connection sexually that makes us closer and more aroused. Toys, like the rabbit, are fun and provide a way of sating some of our needs, but in the long run, it’s only a short term solution. However, when you incorporate toys into a relationship, it can take it to the next level. 
Until next time- keep safe and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! 

Mistress Cynnara