Today is a bit special for me. Something happened to me yesterday and I realized I needed to speak on it for all those people who might think that fantasies are nothing but imagination. Yesterday, my male fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies dealing with him. He’s known about this fantasy for a while now, but though he liked having his fantasies fulfilled, he wasn’t sure how I’d feel if I couldn’t have my whole fantasy given to me.

Fantasies are just that– something you wish could happen, even if it’s implausible. But more importantly than that– it’s something that you can make happen in some form, if you take the time to think and plan beforehand. I told him that for me, it was the idea that he gave me as much as he could of my fantasy, because the truth is, reality is better than fantasy– because you can see it, feel it, and be one with it. 

So, last night, he did that for me- not just once but twice. The second time blew my mind away because it was my fantasy completely brought to life with some extra flourishes I never considered. It was a perfect moment with him and it made me very happy. 

 How can you bring about your lover’s fantasy? There are some ways to do it. In fact, you might fun in anticipating how you can do either all of the fantasy or the main components. 

  1. Break down the fantasy into the beginning, middle, and end pieces. This will help you to see what heightens the reactions of your lover and what specific items you need to include. 
  2. See if you have the necessary toys, lotions, music, lights, etc on hand. If you do, it’ll be easier to invoke the mood. If you don’t, see what you can use as a substitute so you don’t have to spend much money at all. 
  3. Figure what you’re capable of doing to bring that fantasy to life. This is a big part of it. If it means that you need to pretend to be someone else, ask yourself if you can do that for your lover. If it means that you need to be a bit more agile, but aren’t– what can you do to modify that technique into something you can handle without pulling a muscle? 
  4. What do you like about the fantasy? If you like the fantasy, then you’ll enjoy it more yourself by giving this fantasy to your lover. If you don’t, think about the aspects you like and play them up. 
  5. Take the time to do the fantasy right- send your lover a note, explaining that tonight is the night you bring one of their fantasies alive for them. Set just a bit of the scene, if it requires role playing for them as well as you. Make sure you have their clothes laid out in another room, allowing them to bathe and pamper themselves to make the night fantastic. 
  6. If you have kids– send them away for the night. Trust me, it’ll be for the best! 

These are some simple things you can do to bring a fantasy to life. I enjoy fulfilling my male’s fantasies. Why? Because it gives me a chance to show my love for him and to also bring him some extra joy knowing that he has someone who is wiling to gift him a fantasy to life. Having him do the same for me is precious and I cherish yesterday. 


Until next time, 

Mistress Cynnara