Today, we’re going to continue with giving your female intimate pleasure, bringing her to a rousing orgasm. In the last article, we covered not only sensual touch, we also worked from the crown of her head to her delicious breasts. Now the question is– what more can we do to bring her complete sexual pleasure?

Since we stopped at trailing kisses around and on her breasts, we’re going to trail our fingers down her chest and her belly. Make sure the touches are light and sensual. The idea here is to tantalize the sensitive flesh. Stop and let your fingers tease her bellybutton. Don’t just rush between her thighs and think she’s going to welcome the invasion! The idea here is we want her to part her legs in welcome, wanting us to touch and bring her to the heights of climax for her release. 

Follow your fingers with butterfly light kisses. Go from the chest area down to waistline. Allow your tongue to lick and enjoy the flesh beneath it. Watch how her breathing changes as you slowly make your way to where her pussy awaits your touch. When your mouth is near her mons, slide your hands down her legs, slowly stroking the outer, then the inner. Pause your mouth on the upper portion of her mons. Don’t rush at this moment. Whisper to her how much you enjoy her scent and how her body feels to you at this moment. Reinforcing the physical with the verbal is very important. You want her awareness to be spiking, as well as her anticipation. 

Glide your fingertips up her inner thighs, slowly edging your way to her outer labia lips. Don’t touch them just yet, instead caress the skin beside them. You’ll notice her body lift and adjust as if she’s trying to guide you. This is a great sign of her arousal and will help guide you in what she likes and doesn’t like. Carefully, kiss your way to where her slit meets her mons. As you do that, make sure you gently slide one finger along her slit, checking her for dampness and arousal. If she’s damp, and she more than likely will be- dip one finger into the slit, sliding it up and down, but not seeking her clitoris nor her vaginal opening. Stimulate the nerve endings along that area, using your mouth and tongue as counterpoint to the rhythm of up and down, slow then fast as you guide her to a higher pleasure. 

Stroke the inner area of the labia, enjoying the sensation of her slick skin. Whisper how it feels to your touch and what naughty things you dream of doing to her. Verbal reinforcement is so important at this point. You’ve gotten her worked up and her emotions are rising along with her need for a sexual release. Quickly dip your finger into her vaginal opening, penetrating very slowly, allowing her to completely sense your finger as it slides into her. Follow this with your mouth sliding over the clitoris hood. Don’t directly press on the clit, just gently lick and suck the hood. This will encourage blood flow to the area and arouse the clitoris without pain. Then it’ll be easier to play with it and she’ll enjoy the increased sensations. 

Continue playing with her, occasionally reaching for one of her breasts with your free hand. If you know she enjoys being finger fucked, begin with one finger, then slowly add another, waiting for a bit of time before adding another. Her body will arch up towards your face, and you might feel her hands on your head. Let her guide you, but occasionally, lift your head and ask her if you’re pleasing her, if it’s too hard or too soft. By taking this tact, you’ll flood her body with endorphins because she’ll know that you care about her passion and pleasure. 

Slowly withdraw your fingers from her pussy and slowly bring them up to her clit. Use her wetness to help create a friction by circling the clit over and over, then finally touching it. Don’t be surprised if she bucks beneath you. Slide your mouth down and feel free to slowly tongue fuck her as your fingers stroke and tease her swollen clitoris. By switching your hands and mouth, it creates a change in pace and feelings within her body, increasing her arousal. You’ll be here for a while, but every so often, change your position, whisper to her on how she looks at this moment to you and watch her body reactions. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take her too long to orgasm. If she’s not used to being treated like a sex goddess, her body is going to be overcome quickly with sensations. 

When she does orgasm, don’t stop touching her. Continue with what you’re doing, but slow down the pace and lighten the touches. The idea now is to let her ride the orgasm train until she comes back down to a heightened state of awareness. If you want to push her to multiple orgasms, then as she starts coming down, vamp it back up with increased pressure and pace again. Otherwise, as you slow down things, you’re allowing her to come to herself at a pace good for her. 

She’ll probably start gasping on how good it felt and how fantastic you are as a lover. This is the time when you slide up her body, kissing her skin, until you’re face to face. Then slowly kiss her again, reemphasizing her pleasure and yours in giving it to her. Finally, slide next to her in the bed and hold her for a while. Talk about the experience and what she liked about it. This will help you to know what trigged intense reactions and what was only so-so for her. It might seem that talking afterwards is silly, but for a woman, it reaffirms emotionally that you’re there for her and her alone. It also eases her from an aroused state to a sated one. Mentally, you can pat yourself on the back– you’ve more than earned it! 


Until next time– dream hot, have safe sex, and love always. 


Mistress Cynnara