Today’s topic came about because of a short story I wrote on a push from a fellow author and friend. Once I thought on it and the story I created, the more I realized that in some ways, we’ve come so far being open sexual creatures, in others, we’ve not come far enough. Today– we’re going to talk about pleasuring your female lover. 

This is going to take two articles in order to cover everything. I hadn’t thought so, but once I started writing it, I realized I’ll be violating the Female Union and exposing secrets and deepest desires that most women don’t want anyone else to know about. So bear with me as we explore this topic in detail. 

Female pleasure- it’s all about her and her needs. We’ll talk about male pleasure another time- trust me, I doubt my readers will let me forget. The reason for today’s lesson is because of the need for us to all feel connected, loved, and sexually satisfied, even if there isn’t sexual intercourse involved.

Granting female pleasure isn’t easy. It’s also something that any one who takes the time to do it right should brag about. Why? Women are created in a unique style that takes multiple layers to get them excited, aroused and sated. I’m not saying that men don’t have their own complex needs sexually, but women have various layers and protective walls that must be breached before they can truly revel in sexual glory. 

How do you start pleasuring a woman? Honesty and words. Women like to know that you want them, that you are attracted to them not just for looks but for who they are. They want to know that you feel something for them that’s not just the physical. When you match the words and emotions, you’ve just managed to touch the first part of a woman’s sexual being. 

Light touches are next. Women like to be petted, stroked, caressed. They love having their hair played with, their skin caressed with light touches and soft kisses. Whispering how nice they feel, smell, and how you love watching her body react to her touch is important. Action reinforced by words not only get a woman’s body to react, it also helps ignite her mind- thus increasing arousal at a faster, fuller pace. 

Deepen the contact with a kiss. Start soft- just featherlight kisses on the corner of her mouth, the nape of her neck or where her temple is. These kisses arc her need, her desire to be touched and sexually arousing to her partner. It also creates a need within her for more touching, deeper caresses. Using this chaste, yet hinting method of kissing, it instinctively creates a need within a woman to want more of what you are offering. It makes her want to stroke you, touch you, get you to deepen what you’re doing so pleasure is for you both. 

Once you have her reaching for your touch, trying to move her mouth under yours, now it’s time for an intimate mouth kiss. Make it light at first, swiping over her lips. Then slowly deepen it, until she parts her lips for you. The idea here is that you’re acting upon her needs and the need to create an intimate link between her pleasure and your touch. Point of note- do not stop caressing her skin while you’re kissing her. If you do, you’ll lose all the advantage you had earlier! The idea here is to kindle a sexual flame moth, and touch with words is majorly important. 

Most women will admit that men don’t always know how to touch their breasts in such a way to arouse them, while others have this knack that makes them need sex. The breasts are interlinked with the genital areas and should never be neglected when you’re pleasuring a woman. This is a major point and one that many men seem to think it’s one or the other. Problem is, that to get to one, you need to spend some attention on the other. It’s a delicate balance and one I hope to help you find. 

When her breasts are naked before you, don’t start touching the nipples right away. Please, they are not old-time radio dials for you to play with. Cup the weight of her breasts in your hands first. Feel the texture of the underpart of her flesh in your hands. Explore it with light touches and kisses. Using your thumbs, slowly stroke in small circles around the lower flesh, then slowly easing up the outer area of her breasts. Make sure you still whisper how wonderful she feels to your touch. Kiss between her breasts, but make sure you don’t touch her nipples. The idea here is to keep raising the level of desire within her until she’s craving the pleasure you plan on giving her. 

Lick one of your fingers, then just barely touching her skin, go in circles around one aerola. Stop before you get to the nipple itself. Then repeat on the other breast, using the contrast of wet and light to contract her nipple tighter, increase the need for more within her. Repeat this with small kisses from the outside of her breast inward, making sure to avoid direct stimulation to the nipple itself. Again, this will increase her need of you to touch her firmer and it will excite her pussy. 

Continue touching her breasts, but kiss her again on the lips, this time deepening the kiss further. The idea here is again, overload her system with sensation in a slow, rhythmic way that elevates her passions to a new level of excitement. The idea here is pleasuring her and doing it so that she wants anything and everything you do to please her. 

Once you break the kiss, slowly nibble down her jaw, neck and the upper chest. Make a path to her breast, hovering your mouth just above her nipple. Blow on it softly, watching how it contracts under your breath. Flick out your tongue and quickly go over the top of the nipple. Her body will react to this touch that you’ve denied her til this point. Repeat this on the other nipple, making sure to do it in slow, deliberate motions, so she knows what you’re doing. You’ll notice how her body tenses and releases against you. How her hips arch upwards towards your own body. This is a good sign that you’re opening her up to a pleasure that she deserves. 

Follow this up by slowly sucking on her nipple. Don’t do it hard, but take the time to build up the suction, alternating it with slight tugging. Stimulating this will encourage her pussy to dampen further, the pleasurable endorphins to be released into her system. Continue alternating this with light kisses on her breasts (everywhere) and kissing her mouth. Don’t stop caressing her body either. The idea here is that you build her up for when your mouth and fingers head south to the land of pleasure. 

We’ll continue about pleasuring her in the next episode. 

Mistress Cynnara