Since we’re talking food on Facebook and I’m watching Food Network. I thought I’d share my veggies and orzo recipe. You can also make this with rice. It’s delicious and we make it like once a week. We vary the veggies depending on what’s in season and what we like!


Garden Veggies with Orzo


2 cups orzo

4 cups water

1 tsp salt

½ onion chopped and diced

1 orange pepper, chopped and diced

1 lb asparagus, diced into 1” pieces

1 tomato cleaned and diced into bite size pieces

Olive oil

Pepper, salt, garlic powder



Make orzo according to directions on package. Mine normally as you cook 2 cups of orzo to 4 cups of water, with some salt to season the orzo. Drain. While the orzo is cooking, chop the veggies and put them in a skillet with about 3 tbsp of olive oil. Cook until all the veggies except the asparagus are soft. The asparagus will be bright green in color. Add to the orzo. Salt, pepper and about ½ tsp of garlic powder to taste. Serves 8.


Note: You can substitute rice for this dish instead of orzo if you’d like. Just follow the directions on making the rice. I will use chicken stock instead of water though to add extra flavour.