So, I’ve been dealing with a small yet potent problem- my giant computer screen and my HD tv have been giving me motion sickness. I see a specialist in about 2 weeks. So in the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep things to a minimum on both, which doesn’t always bode well when I want to watch a cool movie with the male in my life. *sigh* But it also means me and my pda have been making friends again– especially after the slight problem with the fact that Palm does NOT have drivers for Windows 7 yet for my Tungsten E2. *growls* But when Cyn realized– “Hey, I have like a card reader built in”, I managed to do a bit of finagling around that problem. LOL

Which brings me to today’s topic– books I’ve read. Well, I’ve reread Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series. I needed some Jenks time and to get back into my urban fantasy roots. Then I went and devoured my Changeling Press books I bought. *giggles* I’m in love with the Bedtime Stories line. I’m happily enjoying them and can’t wait for more to come in that series. Then I am trying to desperately hold off on Flash Point by Lena Austin because that’s my reward when I”m done edits…but it’s hard to not read it. But I did finally sit down and read book 1 in the Men of O.D.I.N. series. WHOA, hold the pegasi and get me a Beserker baby! Good gods above and below, this book was fantastic! Granted, I’m a fan, but that’s not the point. The point is the book is stellar in its writing and the details in it flow so fast and yet you get it all as you’re voting hard for Jericho to succeed in not just getting Wendell to trust her, but for them both to get beyond the past. But when Allfather does his thing…*screams* OMG, I was like– I need to kick ass, right now!

I’m trying to hold out against reading Angela Knight’s latest, Dhampir, but I’m one of the AK’s slut puppies and I won’t be able to hold out much longer. *looks at pda with Dhampir already waiting to be read* Yeah….holding out is not working well on this end. It’s hard when I have new books by favourite authors and authors whom I’ve gotten a chance to talk to and know through the years. It makes it a compulsion to read their books and finish them NOW. (You have no idea on how hard it is right now to not read both Lena’s and AK’s. It’s just killing me here. Not to mention every time I load them up, I have to force myself to walk away….go do something else– like workout.)

Yet, this sick time has become a productive time for me as well. I’m training my Dragon Naturally Speaking so I can use it when the wrists begin the screaming in agony thing they’ve been doing more often than not. I’m waiting to see when I can have surgery on those bugabears so I can get better and type more. But I’m also at a point in my Marauder story where I’m able to plot out the major points of Elathan’s story. Do I have a clue on where it’s going or how it’s going to end? Not just yet, though I’ve got some lovely cinematography happening in the mind lately. Which brings me to the other part of this reading and occasional watching of movies. I’ve been lucky– I’ve been putting input into the well of creativity, which is good since my therapy has been seriously making me emotional. I had my first major panic attack on Friday– and I mean major as in I flipped out completely and utterly to where I almost wanted to go to the hospital- I was that scared and terrified without knowing why. The only things that helped were talking to some friends and reading the stories my friends wrote. Without those two things, I don’t think I’d have made it through until my male came home. I really don’t. They might not have been able to physically hold my hand– but Mina Carter, Selena Illyria, Michelle Hasker, Lizzie Lynn Lee, Lena Austin, and others held my hand figuratively until I could regain some control of my fear and until my male came back home. For that– thank you. Thank you for giving me something I couldn’t do without– a way to move my mind away from the fear to something a lot more pleasant.

Today, I’m trying to play catch up on some things– email, updating my Dragon Naturally speaking to make it more Cyn-fied, and doing my therapy homework. So, I’m on and off the computer, trying not to overdo the eye strain until I can find the right settings to help me work smarter. Plus, I hate when my fingers go cold and slightly numb, like they are right now. *sigh* But trust me– if you’re looking for books to read– go look at the latest at Changeling Press. I’ve spent a LOT of money there the past few weeks and trust me– it’s worth it. Stories that engage you, get you feeling romantic, aroused and even more importantly- let you forget the stuff that’s bothering you so you can come back to it feeling refreshed and ready to deal with it all. So…umm…..*looks at pda*….. I’ve got to go read now.