It’s out! It’s out! Happy days it’s out! *grins* I’ve been so busy with Pirate Queen’s Rebellion (it’s so done!) that I hadn’t had time to post this– but Call of the Wylde, second book in the Marauder series is out! That’s right, it’s out and ready for your enjoyment! The lovely Scott Carpenter did the cover for the second book and I love it! Plus, for this holiday– the price for Mark of the Blood has dropped to 99¢. That price will hold until July 15th. After that, it goes back up to $2.99. So, if you’ve been waiting to pick up MOTB and Call of the Wylde, now’s the time to do it! 



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Blurb: Centuries old vampire, Owain Maraigh wanders in search of a cure. He feeds when he must, accepts what he is, but like his brothers, longs to be free of the curse.

Dr. Colette Wylde is mild-mannered obstetrician. She is also a trained Druid shaman. When tragedy strikes and vampires murder her family, Colette is drawn into the hunt for the chance at revenge.

Thrown together by circumstance, Colette and Owain develop an intense, passionate attraction. Neither wants to admit they may be soulmates, as each longs to return to what they were before they met. Unable to resist their desire, they join together to find the cure for vampirism. From Cairo to Dublin to Chichen Itza–they seek the truth and it’s not what either of them expected.
In the end, it comes down to one question: will Owain deny everything or will he give in and accept the Call of the Wylde?


Owain whipped around just as a woman dressed in black attacked him. Quickly, he moved out of the way of the slashing blades, though he couldn’t stand up from the fury of her attack. Once again, she moved forward, words he didn’t understand tumbling from her lips as one dagger headed straight toward his heart. Using a maneuver he picked up from the Orient, Owain blocked the blow, then caught the woman’s wrist, shifting her off balance as he stood up.

Squeezing a nerve in her wrist, Owain caused her to drop one blade, but knew she had another in her other hand. “What the hell is your problem, woman?” He spun her backward, away from him, and she landed on her ass. Beside her was the dead vampire, no life or even soul left in him. What had the vampire done that this woman had come after him?

“You killed my sister and my nephew! I’m going to exact my revenge! May Morrigu guide my hand as it brings you death,” she retorted, throwing the remaining dagger at Owain’s face.

Owain knocked it away with his right arm, then rushed the woman. Grabbing her, he shook her. “Listen to me. I’m not who you think I am. I just killed your enemy. Look next to you.” He pointed toward the body. “He’s the one you were searching for, not me. I’m one of the good guys.”

She turned her head and glanced at the body, pale and lifeless compared to either of them. Her hand went out, touching the vampire’s carotid, then drew back. He saw the trace of blood on her hand before she wiped it off on the dead body’s clothes. “Who are you? You say you’re a good guy, but how can I know? What evidence is there that you’re not the one I seek — Hafid al Masur, the one who murdered my family?”

“I’ve been hunting this fellow down for a while. I see you’re a Helsinger. The mark on your wrist is given only to those who’ve taken the Helsinger vow. Since he murdered your family, you can claim his death as your victory. He deserved death for the atrocities he’s committed through the years,” Owen responded, not directly answering her question.

The Helsinger nodded her acceptance as she shifted her gaze back to him. “You’re a vampire, too, aren’t you?”

Her gaze captured his, and he felt like he knew this woman, that there was something more to her than met the eye. Carefully he avoided bringing forth the hypnotic gaze that helped the vampire render their victims harmless.

Owain agreed quietly, knowing that somehow she knew the answer, but wanted him to confirm it. “Yes, but not by choice — I’m not a born vampire.” He offered her a hand and helped her stand up. “Let’s start this introduction again. My name is Owain.”
“Colette. By rights, I should kill you for being a bloodsucker, but you’ve helped me end my family blood debt. Morrigu wouldn’t be happy if I destroyed someone who isn’t a sworn enemy of mine.”

As she moved into the pale moonlight that filtered through the dirty windows, Owain took in her full appearance. Brownish-red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and bright blue eyes smiled as she recognized that he was taking stock of her. Her body had luscious curves hidden by black camouflage pants and shirt. Even her hiking boots were black, allowing her to blend in with the shadows that belonged to the night. However, it was the pulsating power within her crimson and gold aura that captured his attention as he processed what she’d said to him. “You serve Morrigu? The Celtic goddess of war?”

“How do you know of her Welsh name? Are you droi?”