The best Shango in the world Today, I’m taking over for my mommy. She’s not feeling too great since she went to the doctor’s office. In fact, I’m quite concerned because I, the Shango, deserve to go out and play with her, but she wants to lay down and rest. She whimpers a lot too when she sleeps, so I lay next to her and make sure she’s okay, because my mommy has been very loving to me since I arrived last week. It’s hard to believe I’m in a new home away from my brother and sisters, but I have my own mommy and daddy now. I miss my old family, but daddy and mommy have been good to me. They take me out regularly, take me to doggy day camp once a week and they love to play fetch with me. Mommy’s doing something called tricks with me, but I’m not quite sure she’s learned them yet. But we’ll keep trying since it means treats for me!

Mommy wanted her readers to know that she misses them and hopefully once she’s feeling a bit better, she’ll be back online. Saving me took a bit more time than she expected- plus me being Shango means that she got caught up in the gorgeousness that I am. Yes, I am that beautiful– everyone tells her all the time. Even the people at our local pet superstore say I’m gorgeous and handsome. I really am as you can see in my picture. *grins*

So, Mommy says I need to stop taking up the space on her desk and to come lay down with her, so I’ve got to go right now. But know that my mommy misses you all and she’s been working on her writing too.