Happiness abounds in my house right now. Why? Because it’s a new year and we’re doing the great thing known as Clean/Edit/Publish. This means that my Marauders are being worked on– with new edits, more plot, and revising to make them better than ever.

Further, I’m through the first 2 rounds of editing for Cupid Shoots, She Scores coming out from Loose Id sometime in the next month. Most of you might have noticed that it’s been moved from my WIP files to the Excerpt area. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to my newest story. Someone asked recently what subgenres it fits in and when I figured it out– I started laughing. CSSS falls into– futuristic, BBW, BDSM, m/m/f menage, multi-cultural, erotic romance. Yeah– I went all out for this one. LMAO Completely unintentionally, but there you have it.

Of course, now that I’ve done this, I’ve got to edit the Marauders next and write some new stuff for them. It should be interesting to do. Plus, I’m working on a couple of other stories– the Pirate Queen, Beg, and Fairytale Porn. They’ve got my interest while I work on plotting out the next Djinn novel completely. It’s one of those things.

Now, if I can get over getting so damn tired, I’d be happy. *sigh*