When people think of pendulum they think of either the Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe or a pendulum for divination. In this case, it’s the latter we’re going to talk about. First, we’re going to talk about making one. Afterwords, we’ll discuss what uses you’ll have for your new pendulum.

Making a pendulum is quite easy and there are a variety of ways. First, if you have a bail (think a double flap that bends in half) that you glue to a stone, then you insert a string or a chain into it, so it dangles on the chain. The second way is to string a large bead on a string to dangle. Another way is to use a charm on a necklace, letting it rest against the largest piece that blocks it so it can’t come off. Either or all of these methods are usable. 

Once you’ve created your pendulum, it’s time to cleanse and charge it. Normally, I’ve washed the stone or bead in salt water, depending on the type of stone it is. I’ve also cleansed the chain in jewelry cleaner. Then I normally “bury” it under a pile of salt from full moon to full moon. Once that’s done, I bless it and consecrate for its use in divination purposes. 

Pendulums can’t answer complex questions. In fact, yes, no or maybe is the easiest for it to answer. To do so, hold the pendulum chain in your hand, letting the pendulum itself dangle just barely above a table. Once it’s still, think of a question that can only be yes. Watch how the pendulum moves. It might go up and down or side to side or a circle. That motion is for a positive answer. 

Do the same for a negative answer- still the pendulum, think of a question whose answer is no. Watch for the pendulum to designate how the answer is. Do once more for a maybe or not sure. This will help you to establish for all time the way the pendulum reacts to those questions. 

I have a special cloth that I’ve marked with yes, no, maybe, not sure on it. This allows me to remember which direction is which in case I’ve not worked with my pendulum for a while. It also allows a place to keep the pendulum and its energy intact. This is important so other implements’ energy doesn’t interfere with its capability. 

Now that we’ve gotten the basics of answers instilled in the pendulum and ourselves, it’s time to practice. Use short, simple questions that can be answered with our responses. Make sure you clear and rest the pendulum between questions. If you’re in a group, designate only one person to ask the question to the pendulum. This way there will be no rush of questions and no mixup of answers. 

Practice doing this at least once a month or more often as needed. I recharge my pendulum every other month by placing it where the full moon can charge it for at least a few days.