It’s a new year. It’s like a new piece of paper– there’s nothing on it- you’re starting fresh. Yes, you have a past, you have ideas, but you can do anything you want and make new choices as of this moment. That’s how I view this new year, this new epoch according to the Mayans. For me- it’s time to do new things, finish old things and to move forward, expanding myself in ways I’ve wanted to do but had been too afraid. What does this mean? 

This means this year I’m going to get the Marauder books at least halfway if not completely finished. It’ll be a task, but one that’s long overdue for me and the men I adore. Plus, you readers definitely deserve to read all the stories and see how the men get in trouble, find women to straighten them out (sorta) and what kind of HEA they end up with. It’s something I want to do. They’re number one on my must do list for my private writing.

On my writing for my publishers– I’m writing the last 5k for Pirate Queen’s Captive to see where it will go. Hopefully it’ll find a good home and you can read a futuristic with some BDSM elements in it. I really am enjoying writing it and I’m going back in and filling in areas where it needed some deepening. It makes me happy to help this story become more. Hopefully the publisher that picks it up loves it as much as I do.

The P3 universe– I plan on 2 books this year. Yes, two. One is a side story– one that will be a fun treat for me to do. The second one will be the second sister’s story. *grins* I so can’t wait to get that started. It’s plotted for the most part– it just needs to be written!

Killer Queen– The story is plotted. I have the first third written. This story is haunting me and I have a place I want to submit this. It’s a place I’m not at yet but it’s the story I want to submit to see if I can make it. *blinks* It’s my “BE BRAVE” story. We’ll see if I can do it. This story is urban fantasy, hot sex, and in a way– a deeper me– writing more of what I really have wanted to write for years. So– let’s see where it takes me!

I will also work on my Valkyrie book and my nonfiction books. The goal is to finish them by the end of the year, if not before. We’ll see what we will see. I’m thrilled with how things are coming along, but I’ll adjust things every three months as my life goes on and I plan for my wedding. LOL

What does this mean for the readers– MORE BOOKS! *grins* I’m a book slut– I love more books, more books, more books. So, I’m all for there being more stories out there to enjoy! *grins* Plus, it means more contests, more giveaways, more chats and probably more fun too. LOL

That’s my plan for this new year. I can’t wait to see what I can do. The goal is to write, promote, and write more. I know I can do it– if I take my time, do a bit each day like I am doing right now. Regular blogging is also going to be happening again as well. So that’s my goal, what are your goals this year?