I’ve got my new computers and I’m moving everything over to them. Lucky me. The toughest part is finding the NOW stuff. Gods, I’m hoping I can get it all done by the end of the week. Today is the anniversary of Mom’s death and I’m kinda…out of it but at the same time, I know my mom’s watching over me today. Wore a Hawaiian shirt in her honour and could hear her laughing at me. It’s the whole “relax” thing I need to learn.

One major thing– I can’t believe that Palm has NOT made drivers for Windows 7 to work with my E2. I’m very upset as it means I can’t upload my ebooks onto my pda. *growls* They need to find a fix and FAST. If I have to spend MORE money to get a bluetooth thingie for this computer which I just paid a lot of money for– I’m going to be very upset. I should be able to use my USB cradle. *growls*