22160-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Yellow-Emoticon-Face-Wearing-A-Party-Hat-And-Blowing-On-A-Noise-Maker-At-A-PartyRight now, I’ve gone through my first week in transition at my day job and learned I will never learn it all. More importantly, I learned being sick my last week of training is not recommended. My male got sick after– not good. Then having the holiday ruined more writing time because the male was sick, his mom was here and just things got away because my sickness wasn’t completely gone.

So to make up– I spent yesterday getting my newsletter fixed up, getting my life together– and organizing things. I might not make my deadline– but that’s not going to stop me– why? Because I’m going to finish this story PERIOD. It might not be specific for Easter time– but by the time I’m done– it will be a good, solid story.

On top of that- I’m working on getting a two-story-in-one pack done for release. That should be fun! Overall, I’m looking forward to the new year when things settle down and my life gets back on the rails it belongs! Good things for the coming year– I have faith in it!