This is one thing I excel at. I had plans for my 4 days off. Take time to post and blog(which I did), take time to make master dvds of some of my digital art stuff I own. Managed to spend some time with the male (who surprised me at being sober after his moving party on Saturday!) and that was time well spent. Slept some, watched tv/movies some. And then we get to today. I’ve burned more master dvds, sent stuff to people, and I still haven’t managed to get any editing and writing done. *shakes head* I’ve got to learn to not let people shift my priorities. Don’t know how to do it– but it’s to the point I’m going to have to learn how.

I need to get better organized in my life with managing my time. I’m scatterbrained some days and lately, since the breakdown– it’s worse. I’m waiting for my next doctor’s appointment to see if there’s something for adults with mild ADD that’ll help with mine, but until then, I’ve got to find new coping strategies. The old ones aren’t working anymore. *sigh*

Tomorrow is my last day off and as much as I love people– I’m not getting on any messenger service until I get some writing and editing done. But I just got something finished I’ve put off for MONTHS— my taxes. I get money back! YAY!!!!!! *does the Cynny happy, crazy dance* WHOO HOOOO!!! I put it off cuz I kept forgetting, but this is a good thing. Yes it is. LOL Money to buy stuff and pay off stuff. And to save. Yes, amen….whoo hooo!!!