I’ve been AWOL since Sunday. In fact, I’ve spent the past few days in the hospital. Funny thing is, I knew I’d end up there, but I didn’t know how bad I really was. First, I had to face the H1-N1 scare– and trust me, I was scared silly on having it or not. Luckily I don’t. But then I had to face an unpleasant truth- I’ve got asthma. You hear the word and you don’t think it’s that bad. But then the doctors and the respiratory therapists explain just how bad it is to you and the type of damage it can do to your lungs– permanently– and you realize something- you’re REALLY sick. 

So, I’m home, I’m to take it easy until I see my docs and get clearance on things. I’m afraid. I’m scared, but I know I need to go slow- something I have a hard time doing. But the alternative is constantly coughing and gasping for breath because I’ve moved too fast and rushed doing something instead of taking it slower than normal. 

I’m working on the Sex Ed article, but give me til the weekend. We’re going to be talking about Sex Drives again– especially in dealing with the emotional aspects of it.