That’s right, today in the US is Arbor Day. It’s a national holiday that’s meant to remind Americans to take care of our forests and to replant trees so we can help the environment. The holiday was originally started in Nebraska but has spread to encompass all 50 states. Though we have state dates, the national date is the last Friday in April. On this day, kids around the country will plant a tree at their school or in their nearby neighborhood to help keep the tradition alive. Of the many holidays out there, this is one that I truly believe in- especially as a pagan.

With the planting of trees, we increase the carbon dioxide scrubbers. Since plants like trees give off oxygen as they intake carbon dioxide, it makes sense to plant trees where there are many people. In fact, it’s a huge benefit to any major city to keep up with their parks- taking care of their trees and replanting when trees die.

How can you help? Gift a tree. Remember, every breath you take is because of these magnificent plants.