I thought in the fact that I’ve been following Sascha’s demo of the workshop he’ll be doing at Coffeetime on BDSM, I’d do a little something something. LOL


Maeyla rose up on her toes, easing the pressure off her arms so she could take a deeper breath. When she agreed to some bondage, she hadn’t considered she’d be the one tied up. Yet this delicious vampire specimen hadn’t hurt her. Granted the flog marks on her ass would take a while to fade, but her pussy dripped and the aching had spread into deep within her core. She needed to be taken, but beyond the normal need to be fucked. Somehow, Dmitri had found that core of her being that needed to feel, not think. To feel nothing but sensation and all the joy and pain it brought to her.

“I knew you’d be tough, Maeyla, but even the Tooth fairy has a breaking point,” Dmitri whispered against one ear. She couldn’t see him since she allowed him to blindfold her, but her other senses were hyper-aware of every movement he made near her body. The rasp of his leather pants against her thigh had her wanting, needing more.

“I’m tough because I have to be. It’s not easy being an item of ridicule in the Fey courts.” Maeyla tried to bite back the bitterness, but it came pouring out of her. Part of her realized it’s what he wanted to hear, but another part of her was shocked at revealing so much to an outsider of the courts. He couldn’t truly understand what it meant.

One strong finger caressed her cheek and she leaned into it, enjoying the strong warmth. As it slid down her jaw, then her neck, she shivered as his finger caressed over the top of one breast, lightly teasing the tight nipple. “You don’t have to be strong with me, Maeyla. Let me carry this burden tonight.”

“What I live is not a burden, it just is.” A sudden slap across her ass made her yelp in pain. “Hey! I’m just telling you what is what. I’m not complaining!”

“That is enough, Maeyla. You will listen to what I say and obey or else. I will not tolerate you denigrating yourself just because others in the Courts do so.” His voice was deadly serious and she found herself swallowing. “You understand me, don’t you, Maeyla?”

“Yes, Dmitri.”

“Good, my beautiful fey. I know your aunt, very well, and I know she would never tolerate anyone speaking badly about you in any of the courts.” Dmitri’s finger continued its quest down her body, stopping when it reached her drenched curls between her thighs. “Her Lady of Shadows and Stars does not put up with any bullshit. Nor should you. You’re better than most of them.”

“I’m a child’s dream made manifest. My ability is a minor one–OW!” She raised up on her toes further as Dmitri smacked her once, twice, then a third time. “Gods dammit, Dmitri, that hurts!”

“Good. Stop speaking negatively. You do a special job making the loss of teeth into a beautiful transition for kids. You even help those of us who go from human to preta-human when our predator teeth come in. Don’t think I haven’t heard about you from the others, Maeyla.”

She whispered softly, “What have you heard?”

“You take away the pain and bring pleasure to an experience that can create an agonized mind and give them a peace that allows them to accept their change.” Dmitri’s voice sounded from below her now and she tried to move, to force him closer so she could hear the lilting accent slide across her once more. Hands splayed her feet further apart and she inhaled sharply. What was he going to do to her?