Hmm, today’s flash is weighing on me. Why? Because I’m having a blank since I’ve been working on editing Menkaure’s Gift. But I might be able to come up with something…the question is– sexy or not. Hmm…

Shaking my head, I wondered if I had the right to be here, to do this. Duh, if you don’t, who does? Let’s be honest, I’m not in it for the money, just the protection of knowledge. Slowly, I crouched down low, hoping that the security guards didn’t come to investigate the not-so small dark shadow in the darkened corner of the museum. “Let’s hear it for the Repository,” I muttered under my breath.

The footsteps of the guard faded out of my hearing as he walked past the room I had entered hours earlier. Sometimes it sucked to be me. Sometimes it sucked to not be me. But why I was here, in a museum, trying to see something up close that I had no business seeing, I didn’t have an answer. Well, I did, but not one that I’d be able to tell the cops. Remaining low to the ground, I manuevered carefully to avoid the sensors in the manuscript room.

Here’s the funny thing in this– I could’ve gotten this document to read by flashing my id. It’d have been easier. But it would’ve let people whom would LOVE to hurt me know where I was. And let’s be honest- I’m not into pain that happens to me. Now if we’re talking causing pain to others so they obey my sexual whims– I’m your gal. But otherwise–I’m not seeing it.

Once I reached the particular area of the manuscript room, I began my systematic search. I’d been to this particular museum many times, so I knew the layout and how they organized their collections. Within two minutes, I had found the particular storage box I needed. Using tools that I refuse to explain how I acquired to anyone, including my sisters, I concentrated on popping the lock. A small snick let know I had done the good.

Rifling through the twenty pages, there was only one I needed to see. The only one that I hadn’t seen for the past three times I’d had access to the letter. At the end, I looked at the signature and the designs around the bottom of the page. Using the dim light nearby, I held up the parchment paper. Within the paper itself was the answer I sought. “Fuck me and put me away soaked…he was one of us.”

Hearing a distant noise, I quickly photographed all twenty sheets with my special camera, then put everything away and locked the box. Taking a small risk, I moved towards the exit doors, hoping for a bit of relief from crouching down. Luck seemed to have held, then I heard a low pitch sound that meant I had about thirty seconds before a damn alarm went off.

Turning towards the alarm, I willed my magick to connect to the electrical current and subdue it. I couldn’t risk being caught. Not after the huge argument I had with the head of the Manuscript department here. They’d crucify me, and let’s be honest– it’s too damn painful for my sensibilities.

Once my magick reset the alarm, I used a bit more to help me get the fuck out of Dodge. Bypassing one guard, I managed to get to the only exit that wasn’t alarmed for another hour– the staff entrance. Quickly, I went through the doorway, using my glamour magick to make it look like the head of the Manuscript department had come back and left again. Let that fucker take the blame if anything happened.

The Repository had failed…and now it was up to me and mine to rectify a mistake that dated back centuries.