This story idea came to me yesterday before I began doing Fast Draft. I wrote 4k and I’m happy with the storyline. So for you all, I figured I’d share a bit of it!

“I hate these things, Kelly. You know how I feel about posing with those fakers,” Sabrina wailed as she slid on her thigh high boots. “They want me to pose with them, thinking that just by their interest they make me be theirs.”

“Look sis, it’s a favour to Damian. You promised him this ages ago. I figure since you’ve not been to House Indigo in over three years, it’d be something that you could go in with your held high and show everyone how you’re more than just a switch, you’re a woman who can go for what she wants.” Kelly plaited the rest of Sabrina’s chestnut hair, tying it off with a leather thong. “Think of it as ultimate revenge against Simon. He treated you like shit, and now you can show him just how much you’ve learned since being with him.”

Sabrina raised one brow. “So he will be there, will he?”

Kelly snickered, hugging her sister’s shoulders. “Yes, I found out from Damian about an hour ago. Seems when Simon saw the name for tonight’s edu-lesson, he demanded he be allowed to attend, even if he’s not a newbie.”

Adjusting her bustier, Sabrina considered that fact. It was true when Simon knew her, she wasn’t as confident nor was she ready to become what she was now- a true Switch educator. Her services were highly sought after by both dominants and submissives at various Houses. Normally, she conducted her courses at House Aphrodite, but she had promised Damian that she’d teach a course on restraints. It took her two years to get over her private fear of being tied up, but now, after much help from her teacher, she was ready to show others how to conquer that fear and embrace the sensations. “Well, considering tonight’s lesson, it should be fun.”

“Should be. I’ve packed your kit, Brina. I even got the giveaways that P3 gave you for tonight as well. I’m sorry I can’t go with you, but I promised Jenn that I’d go with her to the party at Fair Play.”

Sabrina smiled at her sister through the mirror. “That’s okay. You have fun, you deserve it after the week you’ve had. I should be fine. Damian will provide someone to help me with my gear if need be. Remind me to send P3 a thank you note for this.” With a final glance in the mirror, Sabrina declared herself ready for tonight.


At House Indigo, two hours later

“As you see,” Sabrina motioned to the naked woman before her restrained in handcuffs and leg restraints, “she’s not hurting and because I let her hold the keys, she’s calm, knowing at any time she can ask for a robot to release her or release herself if it gets overwhelming.”

“I thought the dominant would be the one to decide if she could go or not,” a deep voice said from the back of the classroom.

“Normally, yes, that would be the case. But when has a phobia about being tied up, even though they crave it- you have to give over tiny increments of control to help them overcome their fears. If you rip away that control- you feed the fear to an even greater height.” Sabrina didn’t look towards the group of students. She knew Simon’s voice, with its British accent.

“So, it could hurt a submissive to force them to be restrained and not have any control.”

“That’s not what I said, Master Simon. What I said and pointed out at the beginning of this lecture, which you missed, is when you’re dealing with submissives or switches who have fears, particularly those of being restrained or blindfolded, you have to go step by step with them. You have to give them a bit more control and hold so they can overcome the fear. By this process, you teach them how to let go and believe in their Dominant while at the same time, realizing their fear doesn’t need to be theirs anymore.” Sabrina released one cuff on one leg and one wrist of the woman, gently rubbing her arm and leg. “You’re doing fantastic, Frieda. I know you’re nervous and scared, but you’re doing fantastic.”