I was exhausted yesterday after getting up early on my day off and dealing with a lot of crap. But I meant to write up this scene. This scene takes place in the P3 Universe. Will it be in a story– don’t know. LOL But I like the idea of the sex houses and more importantly, being open to your own nature and being sexually responsible and safe. Yet, part of me wonders- what if you felt you were one thing, but told by tests that you’re another way? How would you adapt? Would you insist you were right and all the science was wrong? What if the reason you did think you were that way was because you were afraid to embrace your essence? Hmmm


“Well, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting my sexual evaluation to be the exact opposite I believe myself to be,” Brielle stated, her hands folded in her lap. “What makes you think I’m a sexual submissive?”

“Actually, we believe you’re an alpha submissive, Brielle. The answers of your questions and your body responses to the simulated images presented to you indicates a need to submit, yet at the same time, there’s domineering aspect as well.” The counselor put the paper down on the desk. “If you don’t agree with our assessment, we can rerun the tests again. Though the science is 98% accurate, you might be in that small percentage that can be misread.”

“Is there another option other than being subjected to those processes for another five hours?” Brielle hated that testing, thought it was quite arousing on many levels she hadn’t believed possible. “What about within one of the houses? Can I try it my way first, then try it another way to see which feels better to me?”

Dr. Mae looked thoughtful. “Actually, there is someone at House Thor that might be able to help you. He, Dr. Viktor Garshon, is an expert in dealing with those in that small percentile or who may actually be a mixed category of sexual needs. I can contact him and arrange an appointment for you, if you’d like.”

“Yes. Maybe with his experience, he can make sense of how I’ve believed one thing of myself and how the tests say another.” Brielle stood. “Send me an email with the information once you’ve set it up. I can rearrange my work schedule if need be to accomodate Dr. Garshon.”

“As you wish. Best of luck, Ms. Frijion. Expect my email within the hour.”


The next night

Brielle stepped up to the door of House Thor, her body shivering slightly in response to the colder weather, partly in nervousness. The house was in ancient Norse styling, with the fierce dragonheads looking out from each side of the double doors. She lifted her wrist with its id bracelet to one dragon, letting it scan and verify her identity. The doors parted and she felt a rush of warmth hit her. Walking in slowly, she spotted one young woman dressed in a simple dress with a waist chain heading her way.

“Miss Frijion? I’m Gelsi, one of the greeters here at House Thor. Let me take your coat and show you where you can change.” Gelsi led her to a small hallway that ended in a changing room. The young woman handed her a package. “You can change here in the open or in one of the smaller cubicles. These clothes were chosen by Dr. Garshon. Once you’ve changed, you go out the blue door and at the end of the hallway, go through the door marked with the sign of Thor.”

“Then what?” Brielle felt a bit curious. “Is that a play room of some kind?”

The woman smiled. “Dr. Garshon will be waiting there. The room is one reserved for training and privacy. Enjoy your stay here at House Thor. We hope you’ll fit in here with us.” Gelsi turned and left, leaving Brielle with her thoughts.

Brielle changed, then did as Gelsi directed. She felt a bit exposed in the deep blue linen shift that covered her body, but felt so thin as to be transparent. Standing before the door with Thor’s sign, she hesitated. The more she thought upon the test results, the more mixed up she felt. All her life, she thought she was a dominant- wanting to direct things, wanting to control all things happening. So why on earth would the assessment declare her an alpha submissive? She didn’t like giving up control ever in anything. Inhaling deeply, Brielle knocked on the door, then entered.

What greeted her made her pause. In the middle of the grey and white room, knelt a naked man, his dark blond hair pulled back in a thong and his body well-muscled and defined. Her heart raced as she gazed over his beauty until her gaze met his. Licking her lips, she stepped forward, itching to touch him, making sure he was truly there. “Dr. Garshon?”

“Viktor, please. You must be Brielle. There is only one rule from this moment until I say, ‘Molinjar.’ The rule is that you do to me as you wish, how you wish, but if I use my safe word of ‘Midgaard’, you stop and retreat to the couch in the far right. Agreed?”

“I guess so. But I don’t understand? I thought you were here to help me?” She looked at the doctor, trying to understand what he was doing.

“I am. But I need you to touch me, to do with me as you will, Brielle. Release me from my control. Touch me and bring this warrior before you to his knees. Rule me, conquer me.” Viktor’s hands clasped in front of his body, showcasing his partly erect cock. “Can you do that for me, Brielle?”

Brielle walked up to Viktor, her body feeling shaky. What do I know about bringing a man to service for a woman? What can I do to make that lost look disappear from his eyes? “What do you want, Viktor?”

“I want to please you, Mistress Brielle. I want to be yours.”

Oh fuck, what do I do? I don’t know how to make him serve me and my needs.