This is for those who wanted more Captain Jack Harkness. *GRINS*

As she walked down the street, the first thing she noticed was the emptiness of the streets. Though she’d been warned by London Torchwood regarding certain beasties, it wasn’t until this moment that the danger became real. “Fuck me sideways until I scream,” she muttered under her breath, rubbing her hands over her forearms, making sure her knife sheaths were in place. Though normally she didn’t go armed with just knives, taking a weapon into a club was not on the recommended to do list.

Her quick strides ate up the ground before her, but no matter how much distance she put between the club and herself, she heard the music throbbing in her veins. Then another sound made its way into her mind. That of movement behind her. Cautiously, Cyrena slid one blade hilt into her left hand while keeping her right free. Something was following her, but she wasn’t sure for how long.

Before she could turn around, the one thing she didn’t want to hear blazed in her mind. Another rift opening occurred, this one bigger than the last. It wasn’t too far ahead of her, but if she was going to deal with her follower, she might miss a chance to balance out the energies of the rift, allowing someone or something else to have entrance. Fuck me while I’m tied! This isn’t fair!

In that moment, Cyrena dashed towards the beacon in her mind, letting her stalker either follow her or not. The rift energy was too high, too uncontrollable to not cause damage to this beautiful town. At least I’m dressed to kick ass whether it be club or dealing with the rift. I wonder if that’s why the Doctor sent me here?

Suddenly, Cyrena felt the power of the rift touching her skin. Glancing around, she realized that she wasn’t in a very populated district of Cornwall, being nearer to the warehouses. Luckily that meant less people to watch her deal with the rift activity, but it also meant that if something happened to her, no one would find her body for days. Shrugging off that negative thought, Cyrena crouched behind a dumpster, waiting for the energy to reach its peak. Until it did, anything she did would be dangerous.

As she waited, she heard not just one set of footsteps but multiple. It must’ve been Jack who followed her. She heard him call her name when she realized something was about to come through.

“Stay back, Jack,” she cautioned standing up and walking towards the rippling energy. She couldn’t look at him. It made her want something that wasn’t hers to have. Though she had powers, some that weren’t made for use on this earth, others could help keep things safe. Like her ability to calm the rift. As the Doctor pointed out, people like her had been kept imprisoned for that talent. “You and your Torchwood team, just stay back.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a tall, thin dark haired man approach. Is it too much to ask for anyone to fucking listen just once? I can’t take a risk of the energy hurting him…Owen. Her mind touched his and she abruptly pulled back. “Dammit, Owen, stay back. This energy can destroy your body leaving your soul to wander free!”

Cyrena looked over her shoulder to where Jack Harkness stood. “Please, Jack. I don’t want you and your people in the crossfire. Toshiko knows just how powerful this energy ripple is. Let me do my job.”

Jack nodded. “Fine, Phoenix. But after, we talk.” He clicked his earpiece. “Everyone pull back. Ms. Cyrena thinks that she can stop this before it gets any worse.”

“Not think, I know.” Cyrena moved to the edge of the energy and using her blade, began cutting and absorbing the power, being moved into a dance that allowed her to shift and release the energy into the more appropriate energy conducive to refueling things, such as a Tardis. She didn’t think past the fact that somehow the Torchwood team had been on their way to this location just as she instinctively was called. All that mattered was this deep, thick energy of the Rift was dissipated in a way that wouldn’t harm anyone on this planet. She continued to lash out her blade and dance, shifting the energy, not seeing anything but the music of the energy.

Then an arm grabbed her and she screamed. It was a huge Weevil, like nothing she had encountered before. Cyrena slashed at its eyes hoping to blind it when a blast filled her ears and the creature released her. She ran blindly towards where the sound originated, smacking into a hard chest. Warm arms wrapped around her. “You okay, Cyrena?”

Jack. Gods above he’d be the death of her. His touch and that look of concern was all hers. In this moment, she knew exactly what the Doctor had warned her about. “I’m…I’m okay. Thank you.”

A small petite Japanese woman approached them. “Jack, the energy is gone. Cyrena did something to it. Now it reads just as regular energy that we’d normally find along the Rift. I don’t know how she managed to convert all that power. How did you?”

Cyrena stepped out of Jack’s arms and sighed. “When you die only to live again, you seem to gain certain talents. Why else would my Torchwood moniker be the Phoenix?”