Today’s flash fiction is for those who remember my Marauder series. *grins* I promise, this might just remind you why I’ve not shelved these lovely men! 

“Sometimes, dammit, you’re a pain in my arse,” Elathan growled, pushing past Davyd O’Connor. “What the fuck do you want now? If our illustrious leader sent you, you can tell Miach to fuck off.” 

The blond man stood there, unmoving, allowing Elathan to vent his anger of being pushed into service instead of hiding among his favourite toys- the past. Finally, Davyd spoke. “It’s not Miach. It’s Morrigu herself. That and another goddess, Arianrhod.” 

Elathan lifted one dark brow. Why on earth would either goddess summon me? I served one to my everlasting regret and the other has forbidden me some of the delights she lets other enjoy. “What do the goddesses want?” 

Davyd lifted one brow and quirked a smile. “You sound a bit upset at those who rule the universe. They are asking a favour of you. One that will bring you great rewards and some answers to your unspoken questions of the heart.” 

Elathan stepped into the cuntoir’s personal space. “Really. What makes them think I give a shite about their concern into my personal welfare after all they’ve put us through?” 

Davyd placed one hand on his arm. “I’m not fond of being used as a messenger in this, Than. Trust me. I’m a Helsinger first and a Hound of Arawn second. This telling of messages irks me, but Arawn said it was important.” 

Elathan paused a moment, then eased back his anger. If the Celtic god of the dead had a vested interest, then there was good reason to see the goddesses. “At our sacred spot near our home? Or can they meet with me here in Silver Spring since I’ve been here since Colette’s given birth.” 

“There is a grove behind Miach’s house, one that’s sacred to all of the Pantheonic realm. Meet them there tonight at one. They will tell you all.” Davyd hesitated and dropped his empathic shielding, letting Elathan feel all of the turmoil and information that the young helper had gleaned of late. “I think it’s important that you go. There’s something happening in their realm that isn’t supposed to.”

 Elathan nodded harshly. “Let them know I’ll be there. Warn Miach too. I’m not going without backup.” 

“As you wish, Elathan.” Davyd turned and left from Elathan’s living room, shutting the door to the house behind him. 

He waited until the cuntoir was in his car before he let out a string of ancient curses. “Why the fuck now? Why couldn’t they have fucking waited until I had this damn thing translated and figured out?”