As people know, this story is to be for Aspen Mountain Press’s Del Fantasma line. I’m working on it slowly while trying to get a few other projects finished. On the plus side- I’m learning to write by scene. (A huge thanks to Angela Knight and Lena Austin and Cherry Adair for their help in learning more how to do this!) It’s meant a change in how I think and plot, but on the plus side- it allows me to pick up any scene and begin writing. The goal is to write regularly– the word count doesn’t matter– not just yet. So, let’s get to the meat of the story.

Warning- Somehow in the story (which is not apparent in the WIP file nor in my other post of the story) Dmitri and Maeyla have acquired a third. His name is Hiro, an Eastern Dragon of the Asarateru Dragon clan.

“Touch me, Hiro,” Maeyla whispered, her hands removing the last of Hiro’s clothes. “You’ve wanted to since you spied on Dmitri and myself.”

Hiro said nothing, but placed his mouth over one breast. Maeyla moaned softly, only to gasp as Dmitri slapped her naked ass. “Don’t you come, Maeyla. Not until I give you permission. That rule will be enforced, understood?”

Maeyla gasped, “Yes, Dmitri,” as Hiro’s teeth lightly raked her tight nipple. Her hands went towards Hiro’s long, black hair, urging him closer to her body. She needed more and she knew what she wanted. She wanted to bring this dragon to his wisdom teeth years and she wanted Dmitri to help guide them both.

Dmitri’s hands slid over her ass, forcing her legs to spread further apart. “Hiro, let’s lay our lovely Maeyla onto the small table in the center of the room. That way we can feast properly on her.” Dmitri’s voice vibrated against her back.

“As you say, Dmitri,” Hiro said after removing his mouth from Maeyla’s now cooling nipple. “May I continue touching her lovely tits while perhaps she sucks upon my dick?”

“I think that would be an excellent idea,” Dmitri agreed, taking her legs so that she was facing the floor as Hiro caught her shoulders.  “That’s right, Hiro, lift her over it, that’s perfect, now lay her down so her breasts hang through the holes provided in the table.”

Maeyla felt the coolness of the marble beneath her which made her pussy tighten in heat. She was hot, she was bothered and she wanted these two men in a way she hadn’t wanted anyone else. “Please, Hiro…Dmitri. I need to be fucked.”

“Not yet, my darling lover. We’re going to enjoy your bountiful breasts and pussy withotu fucking you, but you will pleasure us. This you do because you wish to, don’t you?” His voice was commanding but cautious. She liked how he brought out her inner slut and her inner needs to light.

“Yes. Gods and goddesses, yes.” She squirmed as she felt something tight clamp onto one nipple then another.

“There we go,” Hiro said. “Two nipple clamps, weighted with a ruby and a sapphire from my collection. I think they look beautiful on your rosy tits, Maeyla.”