This story is for Nik. Don’t ask me how she got it, I think it was because she was online while I started writing the story– and because she prompted the opening line of the story. LOLOL I have to admit- this story grabbed me, captivated me, and I’m almost done with it– it’s a shorter novella at about 10k. This takes place in the near future or so– about 100 years after the end of the Mayan calendar. Times have changed and so has the world. Within this world, you’ll discover many of the problems of the past are gone, though there are some that still remain, though in less form. But there’s a new freedom in sexuality, one that’s led to the creation of sex houses and a multi-trillion dollar a year industry that promotes sex as part of good health. Enjoy!

“Why is there a purple rabbit vibrator hanging over my cubicle? Christmas is done, is it not?” Trina Edwards queried her two personal assistants, Jared Traynor and Scott Demaide as she sauntered up to their workstation. “I’m not amused; I really am not, even though it’s a lovely purple one. Is there a reason for the decoration?”

Scott smirked at Trina. “Well we know you love purple and it’s a reminder for you. It’s New Years Eve and you promised both me and Jared that you would give us something special for the holiday. Especially since we took our tests.”

Trina shook her head as she tried to delve into the mind s of her personal assistants. She knew that they were lovers, or had been up until four months ago, but something had shifted between them all. Though they worked with her over a year in the shipping department, the only thing she had done with them had been of the bossy nature. But that was her dominant nature—wanting what she couldn’t easily have. And honestly who wouldn’t want to do a blonde and a brunette at the same time? Why she hadn’t had them, she wasn’t sure. Perhaps it was because she wasn’t the best dominant for them, though they learned well at her feet. It was time for something more—for them that was.

But Scott was right; she had promised them something for the holidays between their holiday help and taking the submissive tests for those in training. They did deserve something special and if she was right, what she had in mind seemed to be in mind with what they were hinting at with the vibrator—uninhibited sex with their boss. Gods, what a scenario—the two assistants thinking to overtake their boss sexually, only to end up her sex slaves. Trina grinned at her two assistants, her mind working overtime. Perhaps an updated version of that classic should be done. And she knew just who to call to put that in motion. “Jared, call Nikita over in the film production.”

“Sure thing, boss lady, but are you sure you’re not forgetting to pay me and Scott our due?” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. The man had a talent for arousing a woman verbally, but she wasn’t the one for him to take advantage of that skill. Oh yeah, she wasn’t forgetting a thing, though it meant more time at House of Seti in her future.

“Oh, I’m making sure this is one New Year’s Eve neither of you forgets.” Trina sauntered away, leaving both men wondering what she had planned. She headed towards the main offices of Plotted Porn Productions, known world-wide as P3, knowing that she needed to watch the two men on the security cameras to see if she could pull this off without any problems.