Finally….I’ve gotten done the next round of edits on my next release, Twin Flames of Imbolc, with fellow author–and best friend– Sharyn Tregarth. YAY! It was tough, but dammit, I’m glad. The story isn’t super long, but it’s indepth and it’s forced she and I to make some fundamental decisions about the Twins.  In this story, we touch base with my Marauders, the Fey, the pantheonic realms, the Djinn and more. It’s a story that truly links a lot of my worlds together as well as some of hers. But at the heart is the Twins, two of my favourite heroines of all time. They’re us and they’re not. They’re what we are in spirit, but at the same time they have flaws I’d not want ever. But they’re good peoples.

Having got this one done– it means Ride Me, Baby is up on the list next. That’ll make my publisher proud and it’ll be great since no one has ever seen this novel in its entirety except a couple of people. Bwahahaha! It’s my tribute to Harley Davidson and to motorcycles in general. LOVE motorcycles and the idea behind this is all Nancy Warren’s fault. LOLOL

Now it’s time for either a nap or at least some television watching. My head is swimming and this rapid weather change has me feeling crappy. Don’t tell my male. He’ll get angry at me. *sigh*