cynwritetalkI’ve been woefully inadequate about posting lately, but I’ve been doing the EDJ, taking workshops, taking care of my health and trying to write. The hardest part of it all is that with everything coming and going– I’ve been like a crazy woman– losing my mind and trying not to slip into depression. So much has been happening on the non-writing front, I’ve not wanted to bother anyone with my problems. But I have been having some wonderful creative moments where I’ve been worldbuilding– which I love and adore.

That said, I have to say that I am working on a host of things. One- I am working on bringing the first Marauder book, Mark of the Blood, to print. I know, how awesome is that? Once that’s done, I’ll be working on bringing out book 3 into ebook and then bringing out book 2 into print. Plus, I’m working on releasing a summer self-pubbed release for everyone. It’s a BDSM oriented release– two short stories. The first one is romance oriented and the second one is not, but they are linked by BDSM itself. I really wanted to give readers of BDSM an inside look into the world of BDSM and what it truly is like when you’re a dominant or a submissive and what can happen between two people–when you’re not in love, but when you do care about those whom you help. So, yes, you get to see inside a BDSM relationship in a way I’ve not shown you before. I hope you like it.

I’m getting ready also to release my newsletter out soon. 😀 In it will be my first part of my new serial. This will be unusual for me because it means I’ll be writing a chapter each part of the newsletter. It will be fun, terrifying and exciting since I have no idea on what will come next! So we shall see what we shall see. I might even ask for feedback on what should happen next to make it a truly interactive experience! Hmmm…that could be fun!